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Why spend money on team building?


Teambuilding is worth every penny

That is the simple answer. Studies across the social sciences show unequivocally that strong personal relations to colleagues in the work place help bring about and nurture a sense of meaning and belonging. You could ad to this the simple fact that if asked about why they leave a certain job to look for another people cite primarily two reasons. The top being “didn’t like my boss” and the second most cited being “I lacked a sense of meaning”. Different studies use different words and questionnaires, some refer to attachments or relations or loyalty, but the underlying cause is clear: we look for a sense of meaningfulness when we go to work – that what we do matter to someone – and good relations are at the heart of it.


Team building activities in Copenhagen

Team building may seem a little expensive, like overpriced icing on the cake, but if you understand its value it’s actually a surprisingly cheap precaution to invest in. Just contemplate for a minute how expensive it is to loose good colleagues and have to recruit, onboard and train new ones… A good teambuilding activity for the whole organization will cost a fraction of the expense of say just three or four associates leaving. If you could hold on to all or most of those who would have otherwise left, because you acted preemptively and secured good personal relations, you’ve actually saved money by spending on teambuilding. And it’s not taxing or difficult, it just so happens that some of the best teambuilding out there is found right here in Copenhagen.


So, what kind of teambuilding activity?

To the serious CEO looking for something intelligent, rewarding and engaging, while still being relaxed and fun, the best option in town is a teambuilding game designed to mimic some of the challenges that face us all in our modern work lives. And the best game of this kind is found in Copenhagen, designed by authors and anthropologists specifically for Chateau Charlottenlund. This game, called The Royal Chancery, is typically played with a cool glass of sparkly wine in hand and could well be exactly the kind of high-end exclusive teambuilding you are looking for. Give the good people at The Tribe a call and see how it works for you.


Teambuilding game or team building activities?

Activities take many forms and some you have no doubt heard of or even tried. And while some of those, like shooting clay pigeons with laser, driving go-carts or playing football in giant bubbles, may be fun and serve the purpose of bringing colleagues closer together with out-of-the-office activities, these kinds of teambuilding lack the cultural depth and team developing capabilities that The Royal Chancery posses.